Audio Imperia Nucleus KONTAKT

Audio Imperia Nucleus KONTAKT

Nucleus is an orchestral software instrument made for Kontakt Player, that is both compact and versatile. An uncompromising symphonic essentials library designed to bring cinematic sound quality and an easy-to-use and complete creative toolset within anybody’s reach.

*Crisp & smooth cinematic orchestral sound.
*Two highly versatile microphone mixes: Classic & Modern.
*Soloists, Individual Instrument Sections, Pre-Orchestrated Ensembles, and Full Ensembles.
*Realistic legato patches.
*Small footprint and low resource consumption.
*Made for the free Kontakt Player, Version 6.1.1 or higher.
*NKS compatible.

Nucleus consists of carefully selected essentials from our flagship products (Jaeger, Cerberus, and Talos Vol.2), as well as an impressive amount of new material:

*Soloists: Violin, Cello, Trumpet, French Horn, Flute, and Oboe.
*Choir: Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, and Basses.
*Woodwinds: Flutes, Oboes, Clarinets, and Bassoons.
*Tonal Percussion: Timpani, Marimba, Xylophone, and Glockenspiel.
*Additional Pizzicato articulation for Strings.
*Sound Design: Drones and Pads.Nucleus boils the cinematic orchestra formula down to the essentials needed for realistic cinematic orchestral scoring. The library includes patches for every scenario, with soloists, individual instrument sections, pre-orchestrated ensembles and full ensembles providing all the flexibility of a real orchestra at your fingertips.

Nucleus’ intuitive interface design provides a number of innovative solutions – a perfect mix of functionality, usability, and aesthetics. All the flexibility and customization you’d expect is there, but the advanced controls stay out of your way when you don’t need them.

Writing an orchestral track can be an overwhelming task if you are just starting out — and who wants to spend all day balancing a mix? Nucleus is an incredible starter library for beginners and a well worthy addition for the more experienced user.


AINucleus.part01.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part02.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part03.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part04.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part05.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part06.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part07.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part08.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part09.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part10.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part11.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part12.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part13.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part14.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part15.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part16.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part18.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part19.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part20.rar – 998.0 MB
AINucleus.part21.rar – 959.1 MB

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