Divine Mixing Template One v1.2

Divine Mixing Template One Free Download

Divine Mixing Template One is a completely customized mixing template designed for use with 3 of the most popular Digital Audio Workstations on the market: Logic Pro X, Cubase and Pro Tools. Template One was meticulously crafted using an actual Hip Hop and R&B session** mixed and mastered by Sean Divine.

This template exclusively uses the included stock plugins available within each of these professional DAWs to give you an ideal starting point for mixing your vocals and instrumentation. Take full advantage of all plugins, settings, workflow enhancements and routing capabilities for your DAW with the approach and techniques Sean has been developing for nearly a decade.

Key Template Features
Custom Vocal Chains (Male & Female) – Convenient Bussing and Effects Sends – Creative Instrumental Effects Settings – RMS Reference Notes (for precise leveling) – Advanced EQ and Compressor Settings – Color Coding – Optimized Sidechain Compression Channels – Track Names & Labels – Intuitive Tracking and Recording Arrangements – Preconfigured Master Bus Settings – And Much More

Includes All 3 Template One Versions!
No matter which studio or setup you find yourself in, you’ll have access to each of these powerful templates for the DAW of your choice…

Logic Pro X


Pro Tools

Product Info

Style: Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic
DAW Compatibility: Logic Pro X (10.3.1 or higher), Cubase Pro (8.0.40 or higher), Pro Tools (11.3.2 or higher)



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