Evenant Trailer Music Redefined [FIXED]

Evenant Trailer Music Redefined

Evenant launch Trailer Music Redefined! music course

“Trailer Music Redefined!” is an 8-Module journey taking you through the most fundamental skills, insights and workflows in the fields of orchestral, sound design and hybrid trailer music.

This course is aimed towards aspiring professionals in the music industry wanting to learn how to create massive trailer music, and earn a living diving into the world of trailer music.

You will be guided through the very beginning of what trailer music is, the different styles, genres and uses, examples of license fees, through entire hybrid trailer music cue creation, orchestration, layering techniques, mixing and mastering, and so much more.

You will get an in-depth walkthrough of orchestral, sound design and hybrid trailer music cues, how they are built up, which sounds to use, how to sketch new ideas and which workflows to use to achieve a good production.

What You Get In The Course

      • 8 Modules Covering the Full Process
      • Over 6 Hours of In-Depth Video Content
      • Trailer SFX Sample Pack
      • Lifetime Access
      • Free Course Updates
      • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Lesson One Preview

Here’s What You’ll Learn

      • Complete fundamentals for creating a trailer music track from scratch
      • The different fields, types and styles of Trailer Music
      • Finding the best ideas for trailer music tracks
      • Writing for strings, brass, choir, rhythmic elements and more
      • Using sound design elements and trailer FX
      • Orchestral, Sound Design and Hybrid trailer music track creation
      • Orchestration, working with synths, harmony and melody and more simplified music theory
      • Mixing and mastering walkthroughs
      • The essential tools and functions of mixing plugins, from a professional mix engineer
      • Exclusive insights from trailer music publishers, composers and editors
      • And so much more

Furthermore, you will get exclusive insights from top industry professionals such as composers, publishers, trailer house editors and so on. You will also gain access to the course VIP group on Facebook.

Course enrollment fee is a discounted $299 (from $459). Existing students in the previous Evenant trailer music course can check their inbox for a special loyalty offer.


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