Kinetic Sound Prism KSP Virtualworld Impulse Collection

Kinetic Sound Prism KSP Virtualworld Impulse Collection

Kinetic Sound Prism KSP Virtualworld Impulse Collection

A stunning collection of 598 custom reverb and special fx impulses for use in Convolution vst reverb plugins.

The impulses listed below all work in all known Convolution reverb plugins including Space designer , Sir , Steinberg reverence , Altiverb , Waves Ir-1 etc.

The impulses for sale in the pack were recorded at 24/48 and using high end ad/da and we think offer a unique and colourfull collection of spaces well suited to immersive music recording and production aswell as deeper forms of ambient music and electronica but eually at home being used to add subtle space and track localisation to all forms of music.

The collection includes Outdoor spaces , Dsp designed architectural spaces , Eventide H8000 and H3000 fx , Vintage hardware fx , Microspaces , Psychoacoustic treatments , Roland Rss10 reverbs , Virtualworld designed spaces and many others.

The Pack was designed to cover all aspects of reverb treatment but includes many fx totally unique to us and which when used well in mixes can add amazing definition between tracks in a mix and also push sounds beyond speakers and into many interesting headspaces.

Kineticsoundprism Virtualworld Impulse collection offers 598 impulse responses designed for use in all known Convolution based software reverbs using the following devices:

* Eventide H8000.
* Eventide H3000.
* Roland RSS10.
* Alesis MIDI and Quadraverbs.
* AMS hardware.
* Custom DSP software.
* Spektral delay.
* Various vintage spring and plate reverbs.

The impulses responses in the collection include:

* Eventide H8000 Environments.
* Eventide H8000 Spaces.
* Eventide H3000 Spaces.
* Alesis MIDI and Quadraverb spaces.
* Outdoor spaces (Real as well as emulated outdoor spaces).
* Microspaces (small and minute as well as dry room reverbs).
* Spektral fx (weird special fx using spektral synthesis).
* Psychoacoustic delays and fx (hass and panning fx and stereo phase tricks).
* DSP designed ‘Virtual environments’ (emulating archtectural spaces).
* DSP designed ‘Virtual spaces’ (large and vast reverbs).
* Plates and springs.


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