Master Guitar In 90 Days: Step-By-Step Lessons For Beginners (Update) Free Download

Master Guitar In 90 Days: Step-By-Step Lessons For Beginners (Update) Free Download

Master Guitar In 90 Days: Step-By-Step Lessons For Beginners (Update)
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Learn guitar from the ground up. Prevent bad habits and get fast results. Made for beginners, taught by experts.

What you’ll learn
Play a Repertoire of Iconic Riffs and Songs from Classic and Modern Music
Tune the Guitar
Identify Notes Across The Fretboard
Proficiently Play and Transition Between all Major/Minor Open Chords
Play Scales and Improvise Guitar Solos
Play 12 Bar Blues Progressions
Understand Strum Patterns and Essential Rhythmic Techniques
Effectively Play and Understand Rhythms such as Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Whole Notes, Half Notes and Sixteenth Notes
Understand and Play Simple Barre Chords
Have A Basic Understanding of Music Theory
Students should have access to a six string acoustic or electric guitar and a guitar pick
This course offers beginner guitar lessons for students who want to learn guitar from the ground up and progress quickly to an intermediate and advanced level. We’ll take you from absolute square one and give you a comprehensive understanding of the guitar as we cover chords, scales, soloing, power chords, fingerpicking, strumming, rhythm and much more. We’re also going to keep it fun by constantly adding to your song repertoire with practical and engaging song examples from classic rock to country, blues, modern, alternative and more.
Our expert guitar instructors will encourage and motivate you while helping you develop good habits and a solid foundation. You’ll receive an in-depth daily guitar lesson from a team of 8 different teachers throughout the course, each bringing their own personal insight and experience to the table. In addition, you’ll have a practice guide with an overview of what material to practice each day after the lesson has concluded.
This course is an accelerated 90-Day program that will take you from barely being able to play air guitar, to having a comprehensive and versatile skill set across multiple genres of music! Not every student will be able to complete the course in 90 days, and that’s okay. There is enough material in this program to substitute 1 year or more of private guitar lessons. We encourage students to master the material presented in each lesson before moving on. Your dedication and hard work will pay off, we promise!
Who this course is for:
This course is for beginner guitar players who want straightforward and organized guidance from a team of expert teachers . We start from the basics and guide you through every important technique and skill necessary to play any rock, blues, country, jazz, hip hop, bluegrass, metal, indie, contemporary or alternative song you can imagine. Along the way, we’ll cover an incredible repertoire of iconic songs that help keep the lessons engaging and applicable. Our team of instructors will encourage you and keep you from developing bad habits that could stunt your growth. For anyone who has struggled to learn the guitar in the past, or who wants to dive in and learn the right way, this course if for you!



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