MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track 44 Larry Klein TUTORiAL

MixWithTheMasters Inside The Track 44 Larry Klein TUTORiALInside The Track #44 – LARRY KLEIN

Join the distinguished producer and musician Larry Klein for a series on making a modern jazz record by Norah Jones and Kandace Springs! Hosted at his private studio, this installment goes deep into the project’s inspiration, musicality, and spirit. Klein gives us the background story of the venture, recalling how the two singers met and decided to work together. He discusses how important it is to remain focussed on the “overall picture” while running a session of this kind, rather than getting hung up on technicalities. Larry shares his approach to having studio time run smoothly by encouraging creative output from artists while holding the reigns of direction as a supportive producer. Aside from sharing his vast experience with the psychology behind reaching artistic potential, he also comments on the music itself. Klein elaborates on arrangement, structure, performers’ interplay, melodic roles, section contrast, and more!

Part 1
Studio, jazz background, the record & artists, songwriting, arrangement, vibe

Part 2
Session agenda, psychology, intuition, guidance, elevating the artist, musicianship

Part 3
Pre-production, differing opinions, handling disagreements, melodic roles, vocal support

Part 4
Song intro, playing style, phrases, dialogue, section contrast, structure, tracking isolation


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Published: July 13, 2020
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