Overloud Mad In Italy Rig Library-R2R

Overloud Mad In Italy Rig Library-R2RMad-in-Italy MK50 + SL Guitar EQ is the TH-U expansion library seeking to recreate the sound of a MadCat MK50*, an Italian 50W head with 3xECC83 triodes, 2xEL84 power tubes and Mercury Magnetics* transformers.

The pack includes:

38 rigs captured with multiple dynamics and channel settings
the unique SL Guitar EQ effect, inspired to a 4K Console eq
A bank with 22 ready-to-mix presets
A bank with 9 ready-to-play presets
The head can deliver a wide variety of tones by combining and mixing its four inputs (Normal, Bright, High and Low) and separately balancing the level of the Normal and Bright channels.


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