Pluginguru ESC Personal Flavours for Omnisphere 2.5

Pluginguru ESC Personal Flavours for Omnisphere 2.5

GENRES:  Many genres are represented in this library with a very strong nod towards huge analog waves combined with digital waves and effects for some truly signature sounds to work with.

About the Programmers: 15 Programmers contributed to this library – here they are with their country of origin and their website address if they sell their own patch libraries:

Anton Anru (Russia)
Burny Huber – ESC (Holland)
Caxa from (Thailand)
Clark Parker (Germany)
Claus Gahrn – Gahrn Audio (Denmark)
Frank Dierickx – CL Projects (Belgium)
Fred Nongat – Subsonic Artz (France)
gareth (Germany)
Harald Geyer (Germany)
Henrik Henky Johansson (Sweden)
Henrik J Larsen JX3D (Denmark)
Jaap Visser – Triple Spiral Audio (Holland)
Jan Bakker (Holland)
Jason Ray Schoepfer – Rocky Mountain Sounds (Canada)
John Lehmkuhl – Pluginguru (USA)
Marcel Krapels (Holland)
Marius Janssen – mj-prod (Germany)
Stephan Baer – Sonic Underworld (Switzerland)
Tim Dale (England)
Wolfgang Stindl – Ikarus Music – (Austria)

Library Specifics:

These patches were not created to try to sound like anybody else – this is like visiting a new planet where everything is fresh and original while still containing sounds that will IMMEDIATELY cause you to want to start writing a track for your project with these sounds!

Modulation Wheel – Every patch has the Modulation wheel assigned to do something interesting to the sound. Sometimes it’s the expected pitch LFO but most of the time, things will happen you didn’t expect but will bring a smile to your face!



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