Soundethers – Dream Fields for Kontakt

Soundethers – Dream Fields for Kontakt

“Dream Fields” is a vast collection of playable pads and atmospheres focused on fractured, lonesome glitches, nostalgic, organic moods, field recordings and subtle ASMR-like noisescapes.
​It’s a world of small noises and distant radio signals in a lush and breathy tonal fog, in between nature and technology.

All sounds have a different LFO PULSE programmed on the Mod Wheel, and six effects to trigger on the fly (from F6 to A#6, Lo-Fi, Skreamer, Distortion, Saturation, Jump, Chorus).

​ – 148 programmed sounds:

– 102 Dreamscapes (FD = a Field Recording is used in the patch)

– 26 Field Recordings

– 20 Pads

– 124 Wave samples at 44.100-16/24 bit

– 1.60+ Gb uncompressed

– Built in the Free Photosynthesis Engine

– Kontakt 5.8.1 FULL VERSION ONLY (works in demo in Kontakt Player)

– Detailed instruction manual with screenshots and tips


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