Soundiron Circle Bells v2.0 KONTAKT

Soundiron Circle Bells v2.0 KONTAKTThe Circle Bells library was recorded with a rare and unique instrument called “Blossom Bells”, created by local SF Bay Area metal working artisan Pete Engelhart. This hand-welded tuned percussion instrument features six steel conical bells tuned to different keys and spread out in a fan arrangement. Each bell has a deeply rich, warm and sonorous tone with a long sustain and crystalline clarity. We recorded them with soft mallets, hard picks and viola bow with both single-strikes/staccatos and rolls/sustains for each articulation. Its distinctive sound evokes the feel of a steel Marimbaphone or Celeste when played with mallets and a glass armonica when bowed, yet its character and undulating resonance defies any direct comparison to any other instrument.

The bells range in size from 2″ to 3 1/2″ in diameter and each about 10″ long. Each note can sustain for up to 10 seconds or more and carries a deep blend of beautiful overtones. We recorded each one up close in wide stereo. It’s divided into three articulation sections: bows, mallets and picks. We used a viola bow to produce sustains and staccatos. We used a soft cloth mallet to play single notes and sustaining rolls and a hard pick to play single tapes, scrapes and sustaining effects. All articulations feature extensive round robin variation and deep dynamic velocity layering.CONTENTS:
– Cloth mallet strikes: an average of 12 velocity layers with our standard 10 round-robins
– Cloth mallet rolls: modwheel controlled loops with 3+ velocity layers and 2+ round robins with release triggers
– Twin metal guitar pick strikes: an average of 12 velocity layers and 10x round-robin
– Twin metal guitar pick scratch effects: 8 layers and 8 round robins per layer
– Twin metal guitar pick scratch “rolls”: modwheel controlled loops with 3+ velocity layers and 2+ round robins with release triggers
– Bowing sustains on all bells (fundamental notes and harmonics): 2+ velocity layers and 2+ round robin with release triggers
– Bowing staccatos on all bells (fundamental notes and harmonics): 2+ velocity layers and 2+ round robin
– Custom sculptable ambient drones, created using only the circle bells as source material

Each articulation is available in a standalone preset or as part of a powerful dual-layer instrument which allows users to shape and blend any two articulationsm each with completely independent controls. Every preset offers a full DSP effects rack, layer blending, tuning and envelope shaping controls. Our advanced ARP system gives you instant adaptive arpeggiation, step-sequencing, scale/chord constraint and auto-roll functionality, with custom preset saving and loading. You’ll also find a great selection of ambient and atmospheric FX presets, created by the Soundiron team and veteran sound designer and instrumentalist Steven Tavaglione.

Product Specs:
– 5.56 GB installed
– 2,893 Samples
– 22 .nki instrument presets
– 24 bit / 48kHz uncompressed PCM wav samples
– Unlocked Kontakt presets and wav samples to allow user customization


Soundiron_Circle_Bells_2.part1.rar – 876.0 MB
Soundiron_Circle_Bells_2.part2.rar – 876.0 MB
Soundiron_Circle_Bells_2.part3.rar – 876.0 MB
Soundiron_Circle_Bells_2.part4.rar – 876.0 MB
Soundiron_Circle_Bells_2.part5.rar – 805.0 MB


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