String Audio Wave KONTAKT

String Audio Wave KONTAKT

WAVE is an extremely powerful Kontakt Engine to create outstanding and complex cinematic sounds. Six Layers, seven independent LFO and five dedicated FX for layers 1-2-3 and five independent LFO and two dedicated FX for layers 4-5-6 plus the possibility to further sculpt the sound with the six Convolvers of the Color Engine for a total of an impressive 65 total simultaneous LFOs, FX and Convolvers.

Even if we strongly encourage you to use and experiment with the extremely powerful Randomize Engine to create your own sounds, WAVE is loaded with 394 pre-programmed Snapshots (presets).

  • Powered by our brand new Kontakt Engine
  • 2+ GB of Sample Material
  • 1+ GB of Impulse Responses
  • 500+ MB of “Drag and Drop” Samples
  • 200+ Multi-Sampled Sounds
  • 690+ Unique Samples
  • 440+ Snapshots (Presets)
  • 65 Simultaneous LFO/FX/CONVOLVERS
  • Six Layers
  • Color Engine – 6 Convolvers – 378 Impulse Responses
  • Powerful Randomize Engine
  • Import your own samples



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Size: 3.4 GB
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