Wave Alchemy Bassynth KONTAKT

Wave Alchemy Bassynth KONTAKT

Imagine having instant access to the most revered Bass instruments in existence; Filthy analogue mono synths, the grittiest modular systems and polysynths. Imagine epic live brass sections, designed bass guitars and heavily processed acoustic instruments… How about the deepest 808s & subs, wavetables and the most diverse collection of oscillators and creative sound design ever committed to tape?

Imagine being able to morph, transform and combine any of these sources into new, ground-breaking hybrid patches, inside a single intuitive instrument…

Modern, Powerful, Organic Low End

BASSYNTH is an entirely new kind of Bass Engine for the creation of modern, organic, powerful bass tones; driven by a diverse and creative library of beautifully designed multi-sampled Sound Sources, Oscillators and scannable Wavetables.

Featuring a forward-thinking interface and creative user workflow, BASSYNTH delivers a powerful 4-Layer Voice Engine, Polyrhythmic Motion Sequencer, extensive sound design parameters per voice, tag-based browsing, drag+drop Macros, modular Effects System, Wavetable Engine and over 290 playable presets.

Emulation is not our goal. BASSYNTH is all about new, visionary bass sounds that inspire music making…

Bass Reimagined

A labour of love with an astounding level of detail, BASSYNTH’s 11GB sound library is without doubt our finest achievement to date; combining filthy analogue synths, gritty modular bass, oscillators & wavetables; with heavily processed bass guitars, powerful live brass sections, designed low winds & strings. tortured percussion & mallets, 808s & subs, Foley, noise & transients, heavily processed acoustic instruments, and much more…

All recorded and designed in some of the best recording studios in the world, using only characterful high-end analogue chains and mastering grade conversion.

A Monstrous Layering Engine For Profound Low End

Dynamically load any of BASSYNTH’s 800+ multi-sampled sound sources, wavetables or oscillators into any 4 Voices using a dynamic tag-based browser.

Creatively blend any 4 sound sources and take things further with extensive sound design parameters; filters, unison, envelopes, tone-shaping controls, modulation, FX and much more. Per voice

Want to mix a huge live epic brass ensemble with a dirty 808 sub, modular synth and vinyl noise, all in one patch? How about blending a bass guitar with the transient of a pizzicato upright bass and a growling sub? Or combining wavetables with filthy analogue synths and oscillators? Anything is possible, the choice is yours

Morph, Animate, Perform

Use BASSYNTH’s powerful XY Pad to blend and morph up to 64 parameters simultaneously with just a single knob turn. Create subtle timbral changes or transform sounds into something breathtakingly enormous and complex.

Freely assign multiple parameters to any of BASSYNTH’s 8 Macro Sliders via drag+drop workflow for performance, sound design or Motion Sequencing. Each Macro can be manipulated directly from the UI, MIDI controller or via automation.

Delivering infinite possibilities and a compelling workflow, the beautiful user interface has been designed with both the composer, sound designer and musician in mind – All sound design parameters are carefully thought out and accessible through use of clever dynamic graphics. Preset surfer or knob tweaker, we’ve got you covered!

Modular Effects System

A clever dynamic Effects Section boasts 6 modular Insert Effects per Voice, alongside 6 Master Effects, and 2 Send Effects. Easily re-order effects via drag+drop to create the perfect bass chain.

Each Effect slot can be loaded with any one of 40 world-class effects algorithms; taking in EQ and filters; 4 types of algorithmic reverb and impulse responses; 6 delay types with 3 modes; 6 distortion / saturation types; transient shaping; compression; amp simulation, chorus, phasing, flanging and much more…

Modulation Made Easy

BASSYNTH’s comprehensive Modulation System is exceptionally easy to use. A well-stocked rack of Modulation Sources comprises 3 ADSR envelopes and 4 LFOs, alongside Velocity, Key-tracking, Aftertouch and Pitch-bend modulation.


Adding Motion…

Take modulation even further with BASSYNTH’s polyrhythmic Motion Designer. Sequence, mutate and morph any of the 8 Macros for gradually evolving sweeps, dramatic rate-shifting wobbles or insanely complex polyrhythmic modulation.

Draw in modulation, choose from 36 preset sequence patterns or simply randomise each lane. Give your bass tones an unrivalled dynamic and sonic interest. Each Sequencer Lane can have its own unique Length, Rate and Smoothing amount.


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