Spitfire Audio Spitfire Solo Strings V1.2 KONTAKT [NEW]

Spitfire Audio Spitfire Solo Strings v1.2 KONTAKT


Sometimes you need the intimacy and detail of a single voice to rise above the force of an orchestra. Reach for Spitfire Solo Strings – the all-new accompaniment to your Symphonic and Chamber arsenal, featuring exceptional first-call London virtuosos.

Solo Strings is designed to stand out, but also to fit in: this entirely new library sits perfectly alongside the Spitfire orchestral ranges, utilising the same location, peerless signal chain, mic positions and range of articulations that make up the DNA of our high quality orchestral packages. Single players in the acoustic luxury of the hall at Air Lyndhurst, captured on rich sounding 2” tape.

Six years ago, Spitfire released Solo Strings, one of our first ever libraries. Since then, we have clocked up over 2,500 hours of sampling experience, so we knew it was time we revisited these essential instruments. They can add individuality and definition to big string writing, as well as capture soaring solos, whether for film, games or pop music. Think of the solo violin in John Williams’ score for Schindler’s ListFratres by Arvo Pärt, John Corigliano’s Red Violin, or the cello carrying the Game of Thrones theme.

Soloists are exceptional players, and capturing them on a recording presented unique challenges. We needed to go beyond expectation, making each instrument versatile enough to match the emotional temperature of your music, offering a vast range of mic positions and articulations to blend perfectly with our Symphonic and Chamber collections. Our new solo violin can be played in three distinct modes and was performed by three distinctly different players: Virtuoso, 1st Desk and Progressive, each containing not only their own range of articulations, but also a range of recording locations in the hall and different styles of performance. Virtuoso, with a standing player, captures the sound of a sonata, or a featured soloist out in front of the orchestra performing in a ‘concerto’ style. 1st Desk was recorded on the front desk of the first violins, perfectly placed for adding individuality and definition to a string line, while still able to blend in with the section. Our “1st Desk” performer plays “out”, leading the orchestra. Our progressive player was recorded further away from the conductor, designed to fit into larger string sections, or offer up solo passages in a more contemporary vernacular, opening the door to a modern, filmic sound of extended techniques including “Mandolin pizzicato” and “Tremolo whispers”.


This is the main interface for melodic instruments. Its default view displays all available playing techniques, has a simple microphone mixer and includes the main feature controllers.


In this view you can add notes to a pattern sequencer, select which key it triggers on and then play for instant ostinato creation. It’s like an arpeggiator on a synthesiser.


This view allows further in-depth control of the instrument, showing all available signals and feature controllers, as well as the ability to purge techniques from memory to reduce system usage.Spitfire Audio Spitfire Solo Strings KONTAKT download



  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Long CS
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Flautando
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Harmonics
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Progressive Vib
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Sul Pont
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Long Tremolo
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Long
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Brushed Baroque CS
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Col Legno
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Harmonics
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Noise Staccatissimo
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Pizzicato
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Spiccato
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Short Staccato
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Trill (Minor 2nd)
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Long CS
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Long Flautando
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Long Harmonics
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Long Progressive Vib
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Long Tremolo
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Long
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Short Bartok Pizz
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Short Brushed Baroque CS
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Short Col Legno
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Short Harmonics
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Short Mandolin Pizzicato
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Short Pizzicato
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Short Spiccato
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Short Staccato
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Trill (Minor 2nd)
  • Violin (Progressive) – Long Col Legno Tratto
  • Violin (Progressive) – Long CS
  • Violin (Progressive) – Long Flautando
  • Violin (Progressive) – Long Harmonics
  • Violin (Progressive) – Long Progressive Vib
  • Violin (Progressive) – Long Sul Pont
  • Violin (Progressive) – Long Super Sul Tasto
  • Violin (Progressive) – Long Tremolo
  • Violin (Progressive) – Long
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Bartok Pizzicato
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Brushed Baroque CS
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Col Legno Pencil
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Col Legno
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Harmonics
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Mandolin Pizzicato
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Paganini
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Pizzicato
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Spiccato CS
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Spiccato
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Staccato
  • Violin (Progressive) – Short Super Sul Tasto
  • Violin (Progressive) – Tremolo Harmonics
  • Violin (Progressive) – Tremolo Whispers
  • Violin (Progressive) – Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Violin (Progressive) – Trill (Minor 2nd)
  • Viola – Long CS
  • Viola – Long Harmonics
  • Viola – Long Progressive Vib
  • Viola – Long Sul Pont
  • Viola – Long Tremolo
  • Viola – Long
  • Viola – Short Bartok Pizzicato
  • Viola – Short Brushed Baroque CS
  • Viola – Short Col Legno
  • Viola – Short Harmonics
  • Viola – Short Mandolin Pizzicato
  • Viola – Short Noise Staccatissimo
  • Viola – Short Pizzicato
  • Viola – Short Spiccato
  • Viola – Short Staccato
  • Viola – Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Viola – Trill (Minor 2nd)
  • Cello – Long CS
  • Cello – Long Flautando
  • Cello – Long Harmonics
  • Cello – Long Progressive Vib
  • Cello – Long Sul Pont
  • Cello – Long Tremolo
  • Cello – Long
  • Cello – Short Bartok Pizzicato
  • Cello – Short Brushed Baroque CS
  • Cello – Short Col Legno
  • Cello – Short Harmonics
  • Cello – Short Noise Staccatissimo
  • Cello – Short Pizzicato
  • Cello – Short Spiccato
  • Cello – Short Staccato
  • Cello – Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Cello – Trill (Minor 2nd)
  • Bass – Long Flautando
  • Bass – Long Harmonics
  • Bass – Long Progressive Vib
  • Bass – Long Sul Pont
  • Bass – Long Tremolo
  • Bass – Long
  • Bass – Short Bartok Pizzicato
  • Bass – Short Brushed Baroque CS
  • Bass – Short Col Legno
  • Bass – Short Harmonics
  • Bass – Short Pizzicato Undamped
  • Bass – Short Pizzicato
  • Bass – Short Spiccato
  • Bass – Short Staccato
  • Bass – Trill (Major 2nd)
  • Bass – Trill (Minor 2nd)
  • Portamento
  • Fingered
  • Bowed
  • Portamento
  • Fingered
  • Bowed
  • Portamento
  • Fingered
  • Bowed
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Economic
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Light resources
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Time Machine
  • Violin (Virtuoso) – Total Performance
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Economic
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Light resources
  • Violin (1st Desk) – Time Machine
  • Violin (Progressive) – Economic
  • Violin (Progressive) – Extra techniques
  • Violin (Progressive) – Light resources
  • Violin (Progressive) – Time Machine
  • Viola – Economic
  • Viola – Light resources
  • Viola – Time Machine
  • Cello – Economic
  • Cello – Light resources
  • Cello – Time Machine
  • Bass – Economic
  • Bass – Light resources
  • Bass – Time Machine



  • C(lose)
  • T(ree)
  • A(mbient)


v1.2b47 (October 2018)
FIX: NKS Tagging issues
FIX: Extended techniques Virtuoso and 1st Chair patches missing brackets

v1.2b40 (October 2018)
ADDED: Violin (Virtuoso) Total Performance technique

v1.1b33 (August 2018)
FIX: [PB-432] Violin (progressive) Longs – mic positions all sound the same
FIX: [PB-438] a – Violin (Virtuoso), Long: notes A4 and A4b have no vibrato
FIX: [PB-439] c – Violin (Progressive), Long, cut off attacks
FIX: [PB-441] Solo Strings Viola Long Progressive note phase
FIX: [PB-450] Cello legato G-G# zones have longer accented releases
FIX: [PB-453] Violin (Virtuoso) Flautando Ab4 and A4 have odd noise in left channel in attack.

v1.0b30 (July 2018)
FIX: [PB-423] Cello Patch Noises
FIX: [PB-434] Odd halting/re-bow attack on progressive long
FIX: [PB-436] Violin (1st Desk) – Short Staccato odd attack
FIX: [PB-437] b – Violin (1st Desk), Long C.S accented releases

v1.0b29 (July 2018)
FIX: [PB-426] “Bowed” legato transition were triggered at too high of a velocity
FIX: [PB-420] Tremolo Harmonics missing icon for Violin (Progressive)
FIX: [PB-422] Cello Long Sul Pont articulation at C#4,D4,F4 and F#4 explosive nature
FIX: [PB-428] Violin (virtuoso) – Economic loads up with legato selected, and therefore nothing plays.
FIX: [PB-429] Expression doesn’t affect lower vibrato layer in Cello portamento Vibrato

v1.0b27 (July 2018)
HOTFIX: Resolved the issue where batch resave was failing.

v1.0 (July 2018)
Initial release!


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Size: 40 GB
Version: v1.2
Published: December 18, 2018


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